In the era of globalization and IT of today, the enhancement of competence and professionalism of physicists is a prerequisite to fullfill, especially to anticipate various changes nationwide or internationally. The role of physicist has developed along with the quick and widespread development of Physics field of study, such as precision measurement technique, material technology, micro-scale device, new method in earth physics, medical physics and biophysics, and many others. Development and implementation of advanced physics studies is indispensable with the aim to increase competency and professionalism of physicists so it will fit suitably with the demand of the development of physics science and technology among society, without ignoring basic knowledge of Physics along with its development prospect in the future. Someone’s comprehension regarding physics principles will make them easier to understand certain natural phenomenas in small or massive scale.

Physics of Brawijaya University master program is extention program from physics bachelor program or other bachelor program, which still has correlation in the field of physics. the aim of this program is to create someone with master degree that able to master concepts of Physics and its application exstensively for education purpose, research, and application in related fields.

Brawijaya University physics master program offered four field of interest, that is:

  • Material Physics
  • Geophysics
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical Physics and Biophysics


Become Study Program with international quality in physics and its application, also to actively act in research, development and dissemination of science and technology specifically involving medical field, energy and environment.


  1. To generate moral force and consciousness of the existence of Almighty God as the creator of the universe through the study of Physics and its application.
  2. To implement education to create skilled human resources in the filed of physics and its application with master degree qualification.
  3. To carry out researches in the field of physics and its application in order to develop new methods and produce new technological creation especially in the field of medic, energy adn environment.
  4. To carry out service toward society with technological creation product and researches done earlier through Society dedication program.

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