Department of Physics FMIPA UB is an educational institution which initially only organizes education and teaching on undergraduate students (S1). PS Physics which started as a service laboratory for Faculty of Engineering, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Medicine in UB, since 1989 through Decree No. DIKTI. 21 / DIKTI / KEP / 1989 became the study program at MIPA Program, and on October 21, 1993 submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UB.


In carrying out these beliefs, Physics Physics strives to always improve the quality of PBM implementation by conducting planning, improvement, and program development periodically and continuously by involving all academic community to improve the relevance, academic atmosphere, internal management, sustainability, efficiency and productivity of study program. The relevance and competence of the Physics PS is done by developing a curriculum that emphasizes the contextually integrated professional, competency, and social competencies. The curriculum is implemented through a learning process taking into account the ability to upgrade both hard skill and soft skills that are periodically evaluated by involving various competent authorities.

PS Physics implement a competency-based learning system with efficient teaching and learning process. Efficiency of learning process is done by integrated effort such as curriculum, lecture material, learning method and strategy, quality of human resources, and adequate facilities and infrastructure to produce graduates who are competent and bemutu. The curriculum and lecture materials are tailored to the competencies of the community’s needs and the development of science and technology. Learning methods and strategies are chosen in accordance with the achievement of the objectives of the Physics PS to produce qualified and competent graduates in their fields.

The following diagram drawing courses, areas of interest and majors located in the Department of Physics FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya Malang:

prodi fisika

The study program in UB’s Department of Physics includes: