Physics Department is supported by a relatively young academic work force of about 40 years old. Most of the lecturers have S3 education background. In 2008, PS Physics has 12 lecturers with S3 education, 6 people are conducting S3 study, 14 are S2 educated, while 3 are still S1 qualified. Within the next three years, the number of lecturers who have S3 education has reached 50%. The excellent academic achievement of Physics Psychology lecturers is shown by the results of research work published in international and national journals, presented at scientific meetings at international and national level, published in book form, written in national newspapers as well as scientific reports. Some of the research work of lecturer of Physics PS have been patented. In addition, the lecturers of Physics Department have various scientific background and have been incorporated in the research group in accordance with their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. This research group is built to meet the needs of the user community, run to meet current and future knowledge needs, and as a means to realize the vision and mission of the study program.

In groups, the human resources in UB’s Physics Department are: