Becoming an international standard undergraduate program in physical science and its applications of technology in various sectors, especially medical and environmental.


  1. Organizing held quality undergraduate physics education (S1) that accordance with the KKNI and SN DIKTI, and referring to the competency standards of PSI/GRADUATE PROGRAM which is supported by international collaborative research activities.
  2. Providing learning experiences that are able to develop an entrepreneurial spirit to increasing community resilience.
  3. Supporting the realization of the vision of the Department of Physics as a center of excellence in research and development in the medical and environmental sectors.


To graduate professionals in physics who can become researchers, industry experts, and entrepreneurs, with the following qualifications:

  1. Mastering of knowledge and methodology in physical sciences, and be able to apply it to problem solving in their work.
  2. Have a strong interest in physics and its applications, and be able to develop themselves through independent learning in a heterogeneous and dynamic environment.
  3. Have ethics and professional attitude, communication skills, managerial, and teamwork.
  4. Have the ability to relate physics issues from a wider perspective to truly contribute to the needs of society.