To assist in learning or improve academic achievement for students who are economically disadvantaged or who have great potential in improving their academic achievement, there are several kinds of scholarships offered to students of the Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Brawijaya University Malang, which include PPA Scholarships, BBM, and Scholarships. Other scholarships. Information on the offer of these scholarships can be found through the link at

In addition, students of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Brawijaya University, Malang, also have the opportunity to get scholarships, including:

  • IGPAS (International Graduate Program for Advanced Science)

IGPAS is an international scholarship program from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, and Technology in Japan) which offers scholarships as well as living expenses while studying at Tohoku University, Japan. IGPAS consists of a master’s program which is taken for 2 years and a doctoral program which is taken for 3 years. Majors offered by this program include mathematics, physics, astronomy, geophysics, chemistry, and earth science. 3 UB Physics alumni have received this scholarship, Hesky Hasdeo (Physics 2007), M. Shoufie Ukhtary (Physics 2009), and Abdurrouf (Physics 2009).

Requirements and complete information can be accessed here:

  • NCU International Student Scholarship

National Central University, Taiwan, offers international scholarships that cover tuition and living expenses for masters and doctoral programs. This scholarship program is not tied to a particular major. Scholarship applicants can apply to all majors at NCU according to their background. Quite a lot of alumni majoring in Physics Brawijaya University have received this scholarship. Among them are those who are currently completing the Via Romadlona doctoral program (Physics 2006), and the master programs of Icuk Setyawati (Physics 2007) and Welayaturromadhona (Physics 2009).

Further information can be accessed here: