Profile of alumni of the Physics Study Program Shows something to be proud of, especially from the waiting period for work and the first salary. In addition to this, the existence of alumni is also quite helpful in academic activities (guest lectures) and student affairs. Information from alumni also opens opportunities for prospective alumni to get job vacancies. In addition to the existence of UB’s Job Placement Center (JPC), there is a mailing list that also makes it easier to access the world of work.

Therefore, for the purposes of Tracer Study UB Physics Alumni and keep the information up to date, Alumni are expected to be able to provide the information we need by filling in 2 things as follows:

UB Physics Alumni Tracer Study

Dear Alumni of the Physics Study Program,

We ask for permission from alumni to be able to provide the information we need by filling out the questionnaire form. This questionnaire is in the context of tracer study as an integral part of curriculum improvement in the Department of Physics. We invite alumni to fill out this Alumni Study Tracer Questionnaire Form.

We thank you for your willingness to fill out the questionnaire. If there is anything that needs to be asked, we invite you to contact the Department of Physics, FMIPA UB on behalf of:

Chomsin S Widodo

Department of Physics, FMIPA UB

Tel. Office 0341-575833

Questionnaire for agencies

In addition, we also ask for the help of alumni so that we can obtain a questionnaire that must be filled out by the leader/supervisor where the alumni work. The Questionnaire Form for the agency is here.