The Computing Laboratory is one of the laboratories owned by the Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya which is located on the 2nd floor of the Physics Department Building with an area of approximately 72 square meters. This laboratory has the main task of organizing Computational Physics practicum, Geophysical Engineering Numerical Method practicum and other computer-related practicums. In addition, this laboratory can also be used for trainings from outside the physics department. The computing laboratory provides more than 25 computers used for computing activities, all of which are connected to the internet network, using a dual operation system (windows and linux) as well as a data storage server that can be accessed from all computers in the physics department.

Laboratory Personnel

Computing Laboratory personnel consist of the head of the laboratory who is assisted by a laboratory assistant. In addition, to facilitate practicum, this laboratory is also assisted by several practicum assistants who are upper semester students who have passed the Computational Physics practicum.

Head of Lab : Gancang Saroja, S.Si., M.Si

Featured Potential

Some of the activities that can be carried out in the Computing laboratory are as follows:

  1. Practical services (Computing, Experimental Physics Simulation, Structured Programming, & Geophysical Engineering Numerical Methods)
  2. Computing Training and Workshop (Linux, CorelDRAW, Matlab, Labview, Office, Fortran, & C)
  3. Discussion related to the application of numerical methods

Featured Software

This laboratory is equipped with several software to support activities in the Computing Laboratory, including:

  1. Matlab
  2. Labview
  3. Delphi
  4. C++Builder
  5. Code::Blocks
  6. Endnote
  7. Play jet map