Computing and Modeling Laboratory of the Department of Physics, Universitas Brawijaya Malang is a laboratory that is used to simulate or to model certain physical problems, especially those related to physical phenomena such as simulation of fluid dynamics and computation of materials. This laboratory is located on the 3rd floor of the BIOMOL Building, precisely in the easternmost room and becomes one with the DR Room. rer. grout. Abdurrouf, S.Si., M.Sc., Drs. Sugeng Rianto, M.Sc., Dr. Mauludi Ariesto Pamungkas, S.Si., M.Sc. and Gancang Saroja, S.Si. MT

Laboratory Personnel

The personnel of the Computing and Modeling Laboratory consists of the head of the laboratory who is assisted by a laboratory assistant.

Head of Lab : Drs. Sugeng Rianto, M.Sc..

Laboratory Assistant : Ubaidillah, S.Si

Featured Tools

This laboratory is equipped with several units of computers operating Windows and Linux systems, which can be used to assist in analytical and numerical calculations, which require high speed and memory consumption. Some units of these computers are also equipped with the latest version of NVIDIA graphics cards, so that they can be used for GPU-based parallel programming, namely the CUDA library.


Meanwhile, this laboratory serves students who are doing their final project, whether they are undergraduate or postgraduate students. and also some students who are implementing KKL in collaboration with the relevant agencies. The following are some research topics that are being worked on and are also offered to students who are looking for a final project topic, including:

  1. Fluid Dynamics Simulation
  2. Material Simulation
  3. Implementation of the Navier Stokes Equation to simulate traffic density
  4. Medical Physics mobile Application Development
  5. Basic/Advanced Physics Mobile Application Development