The Bophysics Laboratory is located on the 2nd floor of the Physics Building with the main task of organizing practicum activities to support the Biophysics and Medical Physics Interests Group (KBM) lectures. Currently, the Biophysics Laboratory has served practicum activities for students taking Biophysics 1 and Biophysics 2 courses, as well as Biological Physics group courses from other majors in Universitas Brawijaya. Besides that, the Biophysics Laboratory is still planning other practicum activities, which are possible as support for certain courses, especially courses that are intended for the Biophysics and Medical Physics KBK.


The list of practicum activities that can be served by the Biophysics Laboratory are as follows:

  • Experiment 1: Measurement and error
  • Experiment 2: Osmosis
  • Experiment 3: Specific heat
  • Experiment 4: Radioactive decay
  • Experiment 5: Lenses and lens systems
  • Experiment 6: Microscopy system
  • Experiment 7: Salt bridge
  • Experiment 8: Propagation of electrical impulses in neural tissue
  • Experiment 9: Electrical impedance dispersion
  • Trial 10: Action potential

Apart from being an educational laboratory that serves practical activities, the Biophysics Laboratory also serves the needs of students of the Department of Physics in conducting final project research, especially from KBK Biophysics and Medical Physics. For this purpose, the Biophysics Laboratory determines the rules for borrowing tools, rules, and others as stated in the Biophysics Laboratory Procedure Manual.

Laboratory Personnel

Biophysics Laboratory personnel consist of the head of the laboratory who is assisted by a laboratory assistant. In addition, to facilitate practicum, this laboratory is also assisted by several practicum assistants who are upper semester students.

Head of Lab : Chomsin Sulistya Widodo, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D

Laboratory Assistant: Robby Asmara Indrajid