Advanced Physics Laboratory, previously known as Modern Physics Laboratory, is a laboratory used to organize practical activities for Experimental Physics courses I and II, which are included in the compulsory subjects for the undergraduate physics study program at the Physics Department, FMIPA UB. In addition, this laboratory is also used by students who collect final project data, and also as a place or provider of research tools related to Modern Physics. This laboratory is located on the 2nd floor of the MIPA Building (FMIPA UB) with an area of approximately 49 square meters.


The Basic Physics Laboratory provides tools that are grouped according to their use in conducting practicums with the titles, among others:

  1. Single slit and double slit diffraction
  2. Measurement of the wavelength of sound
  3. Doppler effect
  4. Planck’s setting
  5. Sound wave interference
  6. Reflection of sound waves
  7. Balmer row
  8. alpha radiation
  9. Gamma radiation
  10. Own trial
  11. michelson interferometer
  12. Magnetic induction

In addition to providing practical hands-on practicum, this Lab also provides virtual practicum facilities, namely by using a web-based experimental Physics I and II practicum simulator. This virtual practicum facility is used as the implementation of the pre-practicum stage, namely training for prospective practitioners, before the practitioner does the actual practicum.

Laboratory Personnel

Advanced Physics Laboratory personnel consist of a laboratory head who is assisted by a laboratory assistant. This laboratory is also assisted by several lecturers of the Department of Physics, FMIPA UB who are interested in the field of Modern Physics and to facilitate this laboratory practicum assisted by several practicum assistants who are upper semester students.

Head of Lab : Drs. Unggul Pundjung Juswono, M.Sc

Laboratory assistant: Agus Prasmonoa