The Physics Study Program accepts the best prospective students through one of three selections: SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Independent Selection. The regulations and announcements of the three selections refer to the page and  UB’s official brochure.


  1. Participant’s acceptance status as a student at Brawijaya University will be determined based on a series of registration processes (re-registration) including attendance at the time of verification of academic data.
  2. Bidikmisi applicants will be designated as Bidikmisi Scholarship recipients if they pass the verification process carried out by the University.
  3. PS Physics aims to produce graduates who are open, responsive to changes and advances in science and technology as well as the dynamics of social and social change, especially those related to the field of Medical Physics and the Environment; have the ability to apply their knowledge and technical skills professionally; mastering scientific basics as well as knowledge and methodology to be able to find, understand, explain and formulate the best and wiser solution; mastering scientific basics so that they can think, behave and act as scientists in the field of Medical Physics and the Environment. High school study requirements: SMA/MA IPA
    Cannot be blind, cannot be deaf, cannot be speech impaired, cannot be physically disabled, maybe partially colour blind