Internal quality management in Physics Department is done comprehensively and integrated in a quality system and development. The elements of the system are:

    The organizational structure of the Physics department is designed to effectively manage the resources and services of the stakeholders.


    Quality Development divisions are units incorporated in the quality assurance unit (UJM) majoring in Physics. These divisions are actively working to conduct ongoing internal evaluations and assist the department chief in making strategic plans both in terms of institutional development and institutions. Here are the development units:

    1. Teaching & Learning Division
    2. Curriculum Division and Standards Competence (Attribute)
    3. Student Division
    4. Research and Development Division
    5. Division of Public Relations and Services
    6. Information and Database Division
    7. Career Development and HRD Division
    8. Management & amp; Development Division Administration

    The quality assurance unit coordinates and with the quality assurance group (GJM) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in a broader effort to develop the service and academic quality. Cooperation and partnerships in quality assurance will be developed with institutions at universities such as LP3, LP2M, BABSI, Job Placement Center, and others. This cooperation is conducted to improve the quality standard of teaching and learning process, research, information and database, coaching student, and other aspects in accordance with the existing units.

    Each division is responsible for evaluating majors in a sustainable manner in accordance with their respective fields. The results of internal evaluations combined with other external evaluations / accreditations are used to develop strategic plans of majors. Here is an example of a continuous development of Research flow.