Availability of facilities and infrastructure to support the implementation of teaching and learning activities in the Department of Physics is very adequate, especially after the Department of Fiska get grants compete TPSDP in 2003-2006. The implementation of teaching and learning activities in the Department of Physics spread in three buildings in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences with the level of density each lecturer occupies 6.5 m 2 in the lecturers room and each student occupies 3.6 m 2

Susana Belajar Mengajar

Academic Atmosphere

All rooms have been equipped with facilities and infrastructure for teaching and learning activities are adequate, such as whiteboards, chairs, OHP and LCD projectors. Each faculty room has been equipped with a set of PCs connected to the internet. Physics Department has a reading room that has a collection of 1,272 pieces of textbooks. Physics Department is equipped with a computer lab that contains no fewer than 30 PC units that have been connected to the internet through the departmental server. Currently all students of Physics Department have access to the internet free of charge via wifi connection that can be accessed from outside the building. From this TPSDP program also obtained many additional laboratory equipment that is quite sophisticated. In addition, the Department of Physics is also equipped with generators to provide kperluan electricity consumption when PLN electricity supply stalled, so the teaching and learning process is not disturbed.

Academic Atmosphere
Academic atmosphere in the Department of Physics runs very conducive, both for things that are formal academic and non formal between individuals sivitasnya. Formal interaction between lecturers and students occurs with the involvement of students in research activities and community service, as well as the involvement of lecturers, staffs, and students in the development activities of Physics Department either in the form of self-evaluation activities, curriculum review, workshop, guest lecture, and others. The academic interaction between lecturers and students is reflected from the publication of lecturer and student research results in the journal and presented at national and international seminars.

Suasana di Labkom

Computer Lab. Atmosphere

Sustainability of Procurement, Maintenance and Utilization
Procurement of facilities and infrastructure and maintenance in the Department of Physics is still very dependent on the availability of funds from the government (APBN) and PNBP funds. But once there is an attempt to open the service utilization of laboratory equipment such as the use of computers in the Computer Laboratory. In operation Laboratory and laboratory heads are responsible for the maintenance of existing equipment and routinely the condition is also recorded by each laboratory as part of the laboratory SOP. In every utilization for practicum activity and research of recording of use done by laboratory officer. Any borrowing and use of equipment is recorded and recorded. The policy applied is the widest use of the equipment by applying prudence in use. This wide access is expected to provide a boost in activity and to create a conducive academic atmosphere.

Here are some facilities found in UB’s Physics Department of Malang: